Harrachov – winter activities

Cross-country skiing woman doing classic nordic cross country skiing in trail tracks in snow covered forest in Quebec, Canada

Several ski slopes of all levels of difficulty, several ski jumps, including a mammoth bridge for ski flights, and cross-country race tracks have been built on the slopes of Čertova hora.
Ski slopes operated by Sportovní areál Harrachov a.s. they are equipped with a modern system of artificial snow, which enables high-quality skiing for up to 5 months of the year. For fans of cross-country 01skiing, several cross-country trails are maintained, which are marked for tourist use, as well as a large cross-country highway. Harrachov, as one of the few Krkonoše winter resorts, also allows access to all slopes for snowboarders, who can also use all cableways and lifts. You can also explore the Polish part of the Giant Mountains, which is only a short distance from here. On the way to the eastern Krkonoše mountains, from the top of Certovy hora, through Studenovské plains, Ručičky to Dvoračky. From there on to the Krkonoše path, which will take you to the mounds of Hanč and Vrbata and then to Mísečky. In the nearby area, you can reach the Mumlavský waterfalls, Vosecká bouda or the settlement of Jizerka.